Long distance walking as a simulation of changing your life

Why is long distance walking helpful in personal development? Here comes a few good reasons:.

  1. You need to gather commitment. Without commitment you will not have what it takes to carry through a long distance walk. You will give up half way or maybe even before getting started. Building up a strong commitment is in itself very beneficial, it focuses your energy and provides a sense of purpose
  2. You need to plan. Without a plan, you will not know when to walk, where to walk, what to bring or where to sleep along the way. The ability to plan is key to a successful walk and key to a successful life
  3. You need to act. You can have all the commitment and plans in the world, but long distance walking requires you to be able to execute – to walk step by step towards the goal, minute after minute, hour after hour and day after day. The same thing applies to life in general.

Completing a long distance walk will give you a strong sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. It will boost your belief in yourself and your abilities, enable you to do things you didn’t think was possible and have not accomplished in years.