During my 20+ year experience as a management consultant, I have discovered the benefits of mindful walking as away to accelerate development of individuals and teams.

Mindful walking is based on three key elements:

  1. Guided walking in the wilderness away from conveniences and without the use of digital tools
  2. Individual reflection aiming at building commitment for change based on guiding questions
  3. Sharing insights and commitments after completion of each stage of the walk

Mindful walking can be helpful in overcoming a range of different work and life related challenges and development needs for individuals and teams:

  • Finding purpose
  • Gaining strength
  • Building commitment
  • Breaking habits
  • Making the right choices
  • Improving relationships
  • More productive collaboration

Mindful walking as a method is based on contextual behavioral science

You can read more about contextual behavioral science here: https://contextualscience.org/basic_foundations

Read more about me and my experience here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johannesaugust/

Walking the Camino Norte