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Boost your physical, mental and spiritual fitness!

Throughout history, people have been walking to recover and get new perspectives on life. Among the most famous walks is Camino de Santiago where pilgrims and others have been walking for more than a 1000 years.

Multiple studies have shown the benefits of walking both in terms of physical fitness and health, as well as mental and psychological balance.

For leadership teams, work groups and project teams, walking together is a great way of building the team, improving relationships and aligning priorities while getting fresh air and having fun in the process.

At the individual level, apart from physical recreation, walking can play a key role in recovering from issues such as addiction, depression, stress and burn-out, grief or trauma.

Socialfactory is a movement to motivate more people to get out and gain the benefits of mindful walking. Based in Stockholm Sweden, we are organizing day trips as well as longer hikes in Sweden and abroad.

If you are interested to learn more and join the movement, check-out the Walks section!