Donation based advisors

Donation based advisors

We are a network of highly experienced advisors and counsellors who offer donation based advice and support to individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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Strength to act

For many people 2020 has been the most challenging year in generations. When everything we take for granted is questioned, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

With “strength to act”, you will be given the tools to get you back in the drivers seat. You will get help to gain overview of your life situation and build the strength to deal with your most important problems.

“Strength to act” is is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a unique empirically based psychological intervention methodology to build purpose and ability.



New path

Are you currently considering your career options? Maybe you have wanted to make a change for a while but did not manage to go through with it? Maybe life put you in a situation where you need to make a change?

Get to get a new perspective of your skills and options and define a new path ahead. Maybe you will discover new possibilities you haven’t thought about!

New path is based on the “GROW” model, an internationally recognized framework for career coaching.



Small business strategy

Have your business been impacted by changes in society or technology? Are you concerned that you are losing control of your business? Do you feel that you are firefighting from day to day and somewhat lacking vision and long term perspective?

Reach out to get a 360° review of your business, conducted by experienced business advisors who have worked the worlds leading organizations, and have experience of running their own small business.

The 360° review is based on new innovative strategic management framework that has been successfully applied by leading entrepreneurs.